Recommended Reading

The Grief Spot has found the following books offer an opportunity to those in grief a means for reflecting upon their changing circumstances:

This little books offers a lovely collection of thoughts about loss shared by famous and not so famous individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one.  It also contains simple yet inspirational meditation prompts to help heal the heart and soul.

I found Dr. Wolfelt’s words of support for understandings one’s own grief to be compassionate, comforting and encouraging.  I highly recommend this book for anyone trying to come to understand and mourn their own grief as well as the companion journal for recording your thoughts and personal  insights. 

I read this book while completing my Masters in Gerontology.  It contains insights, explanations and guidance on how to see aging in a more honest light of continued capabilities and enjoyment.   A great read for anyone wanting both an academic and pragmatic explanation of human development.